Music Production

Professional Music Production London

Bring your project to the studio in any form from a basic idea recorded with the mic on your phone,  to a fully recorded track which needs direction. We will then discuss your goals for the project and lay out a plan & timeline to take it to completion. The production process can be broken into the following elements:

Jules Dickens music production course London
Jules Dickens music production course London


Come to the studio for a free pre-production session or set up a Skype meeting to discuss your project and get started.


Together, we will decide which instruments will work best for each of your tracks. You have two main options: to use session musicians or to get your instruments programmed by the studio. We have all the right players in place for your projects from vocalists, drummers, percussionists, string & piano players. On the programming side, we use Native Instruments Komplete. Jules has vast experience in producing a wide variety of projects from movie soundtracks to folk bands & underground Electronica.


We will take a close look at your music and suggest what it needs and conversely what it doesn’t need. We will then work on your song structure to make it come to life and create the right amount of tension.

Rhythm Programming

With drum flavours from Zildjian to Roland and everything in between, we are in a good place to create drum grooves. We will also work on the bassline, getting it to sit and work with the drums.

Sound Design and Replacement

Enhance your music with intricate sound design and add synthesised elements to your tracks like: Pads, Ambience, Effects, Subharmonics, Strings & Basslines. Remove certain sounds and replace them with ones which work better with your track.

Vocal Production

Good vocals start with a good mic and recording environment. Having said that, poorly recorded but well delivered vocals can be saved in most cases. We will design a vocal sound for you which will work best with your music by creating a custom chain of equalisers, dynamic processors and effects.

Music Production course London Jules Dickens